About the My Profile menu

The My Profile menu provides you with access to your personal profile information and settings as determined by the role you have been assigned. The My Profile menu also provides you access to your personal API access tokens for using the Signal Sciences API and a way to log out of the web interface.

Before you begin

Be sure you know how to access the web interface controls before learning about each of the pages you'll encounter there.

About the My Profile menu

The My Profile menu appears at the far right of the corp navigation bar:

The My Profile Menu

About the Account Settings

Selecting Account Settings from the My Profile menu displays the name and email address tied to your account as well as specific settings. The settings displayed will vary depending on your user role and package. From the Account Settings, you can:


Looking to change your the name or email address associated with your Signal Sciences account? If you only have a Signal Sciences account or if you have both a Fastly account and a Signal Sciences account that share the same email address, you must contact support to change your name or password.

Subscribing to alerts

You can elect to be notified via email about certain corp and site integration activity (e.g., a weekly summary of site activity and the release of CVE virtual patches). Select the checkbox next to the subscription and then click Update subscriptions to start receiving email notifications. For a more extensive list of alerts to subscribe to, check out our mailing list integration.

About the API Access Tokens

Selecting API Access Tokens from the My Profile menu displays the personal API access tokens associated with your account.

What's next

Dig deeper into details about all areas of the web interface controls.

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