About the Manage menu

The Manage menu is located on the right site of the site navigation bar. From the Manage menu, you can access the following pages:

Before you begin

Be sure you know how to access the web interface controls.

About the Site Settings controls

Selecting Site Settings from the Manage menu displays details associated with your site. The Site Settings details include:

Selecting Header Links from the Manage menu displays the Header Links page, where you can connect request data from Next-Gen WAF with your own external data.

From the Header Links page, you can:

  • manage existing header links by clicking View next to a header link.
  • add a new header link by clicking Add header link.

About Site Integrations controls

Selecting Site Integrations from the Manage menu displays the Site Integrations page, where you can elect to receive notifications about specific activity within your site.

From the Site Integrations page, you can:

  • manage existing corp integrations by clicking on the name of an existing integration.
  • add a new site integration by clicking Add site integration.

About the Site Audit Log

Selecting Site Audit Log from the Manage menu displays the Site Audit Log page. This page lists site activity from the last 30 days. You can filter the list by activity type. Types include events and agent alerts and site configuration (e.g., a user created a new integration). You can also choose to exclude agents that are online.

The Site Audit Log page lists connected site integrations in a side bar. You can click on an integration to view details about that integration or click Manage site integrations to go to the Site Integrations page.

What's next

Dig deeper into details about all areas of the web interface controls.

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