Getting started with Fastly

  Last updated August 02, 2018

In this article, we explain what Fastly does and how best to use it with your site.

How Fastly works

Fastly works by storing the content of your website on servers all over the world and quickly delivering that content to your users. We do this using Varnish, an open source web application accelerator.

how fastly's services work

We track the geo-location of each user and make sure they are connecting to a server that is closest to them. This makes your site faster by reducing the time spent waiting for data to be sent from the server to the user.

We also give you full control over when and how we store content from your servers. You can set a Time To Live (TTL) for any path on your site and instantly invalidate or purge any path on your site using our Purge API.

By using these tools, you only have to generate pages one time for the site for many millions of page views. This saves time for your users and costs on your server bills.

Advanced features

Fastly also provides many advanced features that help you monitor how your data is accessed and customize your content delivery.

how fastly's advanced features connect to a customer's data

Getting started

If you do not have an account, sign up now. Feel free to choose the developer plan so you can test how Fastly works on your site.

If you want to use Fastly but do not know where to begin, check the Basic setup documentation. You can learn everything you need to set up and configure your first service for your site.

If you want to explore more, check the Basic configuration documentation to learn more about caching, and features such as purging and shielding.

If you want information on advanced features, especially related to things like load balancing or the Varnish Configuration Language that we support, check the advanced configuration section of our help files or the API Reference, which includes a full reference to the Fastly API.

If you are having problems, send us a message at support@fastly.com.

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