Fastly’s Streaming Delivery

      Last updated August 09, 2019

    Fastly’s Streaming Delivery allows you to scale your streaming content delivery when you will not be using your Fastly services for any of the other HTTP content formats supported by Fastly’s Full Site Delivery.

    If you have your own video packaging infrastructure, Fastly can act as a globally distributed HTTP streaming network to improve quality of service and increase viewer capacity for both your live and Video On Demand (VOD) content. When a manifest or video segment is requested by an end user's player, your Fastly Streaming Delivery will pull the requested content from your origin media servers and subsequent requests for that stream will be served from Fastly's POPs instead of your origin servers.

    Fastly's Streaming Delivery supports the following HTTP-based media streaming protocols:

    You can also use Fastly’s Full Site Delivery to configure and control live streaming and VOD caching.

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