TLS service options

  Last updated February 14, 2018

The Fastly Transport Layer Security (TLS) service provides privacy and data security for your service. You can request different TLS service options for your account.

Pricing and ordering

With the exception of our shared domain option, each of our paid TLS options require your agreement to purchase it. For specific details about pricing for each of Fastly's TLS options, see our pricing page or contact sales@fastly.com for our current rates.

To order TLS service, contact customer support via email at support@fastly.com. Remember to put "TLS Certificate Request" in the subject of the request, and be sure to include your customer ID when you let us know which service option you're interested in. We'll walk you through the setup process for the option you choose.

Shared domain

This free option uses the Fastly SAN certificate's wildcard entry for global.ssl.fastly.net. To use this option, add a new domain in the Fastly web interface and set up an origin server for that domain. You can learn more about how to do that in our guide on setting up free TLS.

Shared TLS Certificate Service

This option uses the Fastly Subject Alternative Name (SAN) certificate. Specifically:

Our registrar explains the shared (SAN) certificate as "a way to conserve IP addresses by putting multiple hostnames or domains on one certificate. There are no security implications….Addition of your name to the certificate still needs to be authorized by you."

Shared TLS Wildcard Certificate Service

This option uses the Fastly SAN certificate. Specifically:

Domain names that are within the scope of the wildcard domain name don't have to be added to the certificate. For example, if you provided Fastly with the *.example.com wildcard domain name and we added that to the certificate SAN field, you could use api.example.com and demo.example.com with this service without having to contact Fastly.

Hosting Service for Customer-Provided TLS Certificate

This hosting service option uses your TLS certificates, including Extended Verification (EV) certificates. Specifically:

Customer-Provided TLS Certificate Hosting Service

Fastly provides, on a limited availability basis, customer certificate hosting that uses Server Name Indication (SNI) for certificate selection. To see if your company meets the qualification criteria for this option, contact sales@fastly.com. For this hosting option:

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