Domain Inspector

Domain Inspector provides you with a dataset and visualizations that offer real-time visibility and historical reporting of domain-level metrics delivered by a Fastly service. It allows you to monitor traffic for a fully qualified domain name without requiring you to send log data to a third-party data collector.

Specifically, Domain Inspector aggregates response data (for example, requests, bandwidth, edge or origin response codes, and cache hit ratios) received by a specified service and presents that information for each domain either as visualizations in the web interface or as a JSON formatted data stream.


This product is not available for Compute.

Limitations and considerations

This product has the following limitations and considerations:

  • We limit you to 250 domains per service with Domain Inspector. Reach out to for details on how to increase this limit.
  • The data retention period for this product is 45 days if you purchased a package offering.
  • To help control data collection and aggregation, wildcard domains are aggregated against a single * entry.


Fees for Domain Inspector are charged based on the number of unique domains sending traffic through Fastly.

For more details about this product, including how to purchase it, contact your account manager or email

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