Logging Insights Package

Fastly’s Logging Insights Package provides you with guidance and customization of dashboard graphs in your third-party logging endpoint. After we’ve interviewed you to identify your specific business needs, we’ll write advanced queries and create customized dashboards for the logs stored in your logging endpoint. You can then analyze and correlate any aspect of HTTP and HTTPS requests and responses to gain visibility into your service, allowing you to make decisions and changes. We'll then answer your questions and incorporate feedback to further customize the dashboards.


To use the Logging Insights Package, you need to:

  • purchase a paid account with a contract for Fastly's services
  • have logging enabled for at least one supported logging endpoint
  • be interviewed by Fastly so we can identify your customer-specific business needs
  • grant Fastly temporary access to your third-party logging endpoint so we can configure your account on your behalf

It’s your responsibility to grant and revoke Fastly’s access to your third-party logging endpoint.

Logging Insights Package features

The Logging Insights Package for Sumo Logic provides you with customization of the following Sumo Logic dashboards:

  • The Overview dashboard provides you with a high-level overview of your Fastly services, allowing you to identify potential problems within them.
  • The Origin Performance dashboard allows you to focus on your origin performance to check for latencies, slow URLs, and error-causing URLs.
  • The Quality of Service dashboard allows you to see where your Fastly service's download times, cache performance, and performance by geographic location are below minimum thresholds.
  • The Visitors dashboard allows you to see where your traffic is coming from.

The Logging Insights Package supports the Sumo Logic App for Fastly. You'll need a Sumo Logic account with the appropriate license, and you'll need to enable the Sumo Logic logging endpoint.

For more details about this product, including how to purchase it, contact your account manager or email sales@fastly.com.

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