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Corp Overview Report

access_time Updated Jun 29, 2022

The Corp Overview Report provides an at-a-glance view of all the sites in your corp, including:

  • Which of your sites is seeing the most traffic.
  • Which of your sites is attacked the most.
  • Which of your sites is seeing the most blocked traffic.
  • Which of your sites has the most flagged, malicious IPs.

In addition to high-level stats, the Corp Overview Report also provides attack type and source breakdowns, enabling you to better understand how your sites are being attacked.

How do I access the report?

Access the report by clicking on the name of your corp in the upper left corner of the console.

What data is being shown in the report?

The data being shown in the report is the set of all malicious requests (requests containing 1-or-more attack signals).

Malicious requests

This is a count of all requests with 1-or-more attack signals.

Blocked requests

This is the subset of malicious requests which were blocked. Learn more about how our product decides to block requests.

Malicious IPs

This is the set of IPs whose subsequent malicious requests were blocked due to a threshold of malicious requests being exceeded.

Top attack types

This is the breakdown of malicious signals observed.

Top attack sources

This is the breakdown of attack sources, such as specific countries or private IPs.