About Compute

The Compute controls are the key area of the web interface where you access your Compute services. The Compute controls serve as a web-based alternative to using the Fastly CLI.

Before you begin

Be sure you know how to access the web interface controls before learning about each of the pages you'll encounter there.

About the Compute services page

The Compute page provides a list of clickable links to all Compute services associated with your account. To access this page, go to Compute > Compute Services.

From the Compute services page, you can view high-level details about each service including the active version number, the current requests per second, and a chart of the last hour of requests. Use the search box to search for a service by ID, name, or domain.

Clicking a link to a Compute service takes you to the Service summary tab, where you can review other general service details, and gives you access to the Service configuration tab, which contains the main controls for editing your service configurations.

About the Service summary tab

When you select a service from the Compute services page, the Service summary tab appears. From here, you can review general service details including the event log, duplicate (clone) service versions so you can edit them, and purge content.

About the Service configuration tab

The Service configuration tab contains the main controls for editing your service configurations. The page allows you to define exactly how each instance of your Compute services should behave and interact with its data sources. Specifically you can:

  • manage the domains used to route requests to a Compute service
  • manage the hosts used as backends for a site and how they should be accessed
  • manage the health checks that monitor backend hosts
  • enable certain Fastly products for the service, if you are assigned the role of superuser or engineer. Note that this will result in changes to your monthly bill.
  • specify how logging should be performed and where server logs should be sent
  • upload your Compute compatible Wasm packages once you've built them with the Fastly CLI

About the Learn tab

The Learn tab contains specific resources for using Fastly's Compute platform including:

  • details that help you select and learn about languages that can be used on Fastly's Compute platform
  • steps for using the Fastly CLI and a link to the Fastly CLI reference documentation
  • information about tools like Terraform to help you automate your workflows
  • a way to experiment with code in the Fastly Fiddle so you can create ephemeral Fastly services without logging into a Fastly account and learn how your requests and responses are handled by Fastly

What's next

Dig deeper into details about all areas of the web interface controls before you move on to using them to work with services.
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