Data transfer with Backblaze B2

Fastly has partnered with Backblaze to provide an integration between Fastly and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage services. Specifically, there are no egress costs from Backblaze to Fastly when you configure a Backblaze B2 service as your Fastly origin.

To offset many of the data transfer costs associated with switching from another cloud provider, Backblaze offers a migration program. Backblaze will cover migration fees for customers migrating over 50 TB of data from the US, Canada, and Europe regions of other Cloud Providers, and storing it with them for at least 12 months. For customers migrating less than 50 TB of data, Backblaze offers discounted transfer rates.

Read more about the migration program and review estimated cost saving calculations in their guide to Migrate to B2 Cloud Storage. To ensure your migration has minimal downtime, contact

This article describes an integration with a service provided by a third party. See our note on integrations for details.
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