Our OpsGenie issue integration creates an alert when the Next-Gen WAF flags an IP address.

Adding a OpsGenie integration

  1. Create an API integration in OpsGenie.
  2. Copy the provided API Key.
  3. Log in to the Next-Gen WAF control panel.
  4. From the Sites menu, select a site if you have more than one site.
  5. From the Manage menu, select Site Integrations.
  6. Click Add site integration.
  7. Select the OpsGenie Alert integration.
  8. In the API Key field, enter the API Key created in OpsGenie.
  9. Select if you want to be alerted regarding All activity or Specific activity. If you selected Specific activity, in the Activity menu choose the activity types that you want the integration to create alerts for.
  10. Click Create site integration.

Activity types

Activity typeDescription
flagAn IP address was flagged
agentAlertAn agent alert was triggered
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