Outbound data transfer from Azure

  Last updated April 09, 2019

Fastly has integrated a local circuit with Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Direct. Once you’ve signed up for Fastly services and configured them correctly, outbound data transfers from the appropriate Azure regions to Fastly will use this local circuit when configured with Fastly shielding.

To configure your Azure origin to use this direct connectivity, choose East US as the Azure service region and then be sure to choose Ashburn (BWI) as the shielding location when configuring your Fastly service.

Because Fastly has purchased this local circuit from Microsoft, Microsoft does not apply outbound data transfer rates to traffic traveling over it. Use of this local circuit should work with Azure services like Container Instances, Functions, and Media Services, as well as Blob Storage.

This article describes an integration with a service provided by a third party. Please see our note on integrations.

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