Legacy Professional Services


Fastly maintains support for its original Service Management and Consulting Engagement Professional Services offerings. For more information about our current Professional Services offering, contact sales@fastly.com.

Legacy Service Management

For customers who require ongoing configuration and technical assistance, Fastly offers Service Management that provides professional services to you and your staff on an as-needed basis. These hours may be used to supplement your existing Support Plan or Service Implementation.

Some common activities you may need assistance with:

  • Site performance analysis
  • Varnish and VCL training
  • Service configuration
  • End-to-end encryption setup
  • Cache time fine-tuning
  • Custom header logic creation
  • Dynamic content delivery optimization
  • Multi-tiered caching setup
  • Lightweight web page hosting
  • Custom purging and event-driven content management
  • Geographic or localization detection
  • Edge logic and device detection
  • Stale content configuration and origin outage handling
  • Edge authentication
  • ESI (edge side includes) configuration
  • Streaming and video packaging

Legacy Consulting Engagement Services

For customers who require in-house expertise or dedicated resources, Fastly's Support Engineers are available to provide a range of more technical professional services, including:

  • Technical advisory services
  • Translating configurations to VCL
  • Optimization of website performance
  • On-site Varnish and VCL training
  • Non-Fastly related performance tuning
  • Adapting Fastly features to a particular customer use case
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