Legacy Professional Services


Fastly maintains support for its original Service Implementation, Service Management, and Consulting Engagement Professional Services offerings. For more information about our current Professional Services offering, contact sales@fastly.com.

Legacy Service Implementation

For projects with a predefined scope, you can purchase our Service Implementation offering. You'll work with one of our experts to help you with tasks related to your service implementation and initial setup and configuration, like onboarding for Delivery or Compute services.

Legacy Service Management

For customers who require ongoing configuration and technical assistance, Fastly offers Service Management that provides professional services to you and your staff on an as-needed basis. These hours may be used to supplement your existing Support Plan or Service Implementation.

Some common activities you may need assistance with:

  • Site performance analysis
  • Varnish and VCL training
  • Service configuration
  • End-to-end encryption setup
  • Cache time fine-tuning
  • Custom header logic creation
  • Dynamic content delivery optimization
  • Multi-tiered caching setup
  • Lightweight web page hosting
  • Custom purging and event-driven content management
  • Geographic or localization detection
  • Edge logic and device detection
  • Stale content configuration and origin outage handling
  • Edge authentication
  • ESI (edge side includes) configuration
  • Streaming and video packaging

Legacy Consulting Engagement Services

For customers who require in-house expertise or dedicated resources, Fastly's Support Engineers are available to provide a range of more technical professional services, including:

  • Technical advisory services
  • Translating configurations to VCL
  • Optimization of website performance
  • On-site Varnish and VCL training
  • Non-Fastly related performance tuning
  • Adapting Fastly features to a particular customer use case
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