Legacy shared TLS domain


This page describes a legacy offering. To secure your domains with Fastly TLS, we recommend exploring one of our other TLS service options.

Fastly offers a free TLS option that allows you to serve HTTPS traffic using an address like example.global.ssl.fastly.net via a shared Fastly domain.

This TLS option is subject to the following limitations:

  • This option uses a shared domain name and does not support use with your own domain name (www.example.com). Customers typically use this TLS option when linking directly to assets (e.g., linking to https://example.global.ssl.fastly.net/example.jpg) or for testing purposes.
  • You cannot DNS alias your own domain to the shared domain. If you do, a TLS name mismatch warning will appear in the browser.
  • When using this TLS option, all traffic is routed through Fastly's entire global network.

If you have specific traffic routing, domain naming, or URL requirements, one of Fastly’s other TLS service options can provide you with more flexibility.

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