Legacy Platinum Support and SLA

      Last updated March 30, 2018

    Legacy Platinum Support description and SLA

    Support availability and response times vary depending on the type of account you have and the level of support you have purchased. The following table summarizes those offerings:

    Support Offering Platinum Support
    Online Self-Service Help Unlimited access.
    Availability for General Inquiries 24/7/365.
    Availability for Incident Reports 24/7/365.
    Initial Response Times Severity 1 Incidents within 15 minutes. Severity 2 Incidents within 2 hours. All other Incidents by the next business day.
    Email support Available, with priority over Standard and Gold Support.
    Phone and chat support Toll-free telephone available 24/7/365. Dedicated chat channel available during Fastly business hours.
    Emergency Escalation Available via email and phone.
    Designated Customer Support Engineer Available for large accounts on case-by-case basis.
    Termination Option Available with invoice credits.

    Technical support

    The following section applies to all subscribers.


    Subscriber responsibilities

    Subscriber is responsible using and configuring services according to the Documentation available at https://docs.fastly.com.

    Support requests

    Subscribers submit support requests by sending email to support@fastly.com. Subscribers receive a system-generated response within minutes containing the ticket number and a direct link to the ticket.

    Incident reports should include at the least the following:

    Incident reports should include all relevant information such as:



    Communications between Fastly support engineers and Subscriber personnel are conducted using the ticketing application, which maintains a time-stamped transcript of communications, and sends emails to Subscriber and Fastly staff as tickets are updated.


    Subscribers to Platinum Support receive a dedicated chat channel for real-time communications during Business Hours. Though subject to change, Fastly's current chat provider is Slack (www.slack.com).

    Phone support

    Subscribers to Platinum Support receive a dedicated phone number to contact Fastly support engineers. Fastly personnel can also establish audio and video conferencing (free app or browser plug-in required) for real-time voice and video communications.

    Response time

    Fastly shall use best efforts to respond in a timely fashion.

    Termed contracts

    The following applies to any subscriber that has a contract with a term and a minimum commitment.

    Response times

    Fastly commits to acknowledging receipt of a support ticket within the next Business Day following submission of a support request by a Subscriber with a Termed Contract.


    In any three-month period where three (3) or more support Response Time objectives are not met and the failure to meet the objectives materially adversely impacted Subscriber, Subscribers with a Termed Contract, Platinum Support shall have thirty (30) days to terminate their subscription agreement following the third failure.

    Incident response times

    Incident reporting

    Severity 1 Incidents: Fastly will provide Subscriber an Incident Support Email address for Subscriber to report Incidents. Subscriber should report Incidents promptly using the Incident Support email.

    Severity 2 Incidents: Subscriber should report Severity 2 Incidents by submitting a Support Request.

    Platinum Support

    Fastly will respond to the report of an Incident by troubleshooting the cause(s) of the Incident and resolve them if caused by factors within Fastly's control, or provide information to those who can resolve the factors if the factors are within others' control, as follows:

    For a Severity 1 Incident:

    For a Severity 2 Incident:

    Support invoice credits

    In the event a Severity 1 Incident occurs, Subscriber has purchased Platinum Support, the cause of the Incident is within Fastly's control, and any of the communication or response timeframes are materially not met, a one-time credit of $500 per incident will be credited to Subscriber's account.

    Credit Terms:

    Legacy Service availability SLA

    Support availability and response times vary depending on the type of account you have and the level of support you have purchased.

    Agreement Type Unpaid Account Month-to-Month Account Termed Contract Platinum Support
    Service Level Agreement None None Termination Option Invoice Credits + Termination Option


    "Degraded Performance" means the Services are experiencing Error Conditions that are (1) caused by issues under Fastly Control, (2) observable or reproducible by Subscriber or Fastly, (3) requiring Subscriber to redirect traffic off the Services. Degraded Performance does not include any reduction on availability of the Application User Interface or API due to maintenance.

    "Error Condition" means the Services are (1) not responding to end user requests, (2) incorrectly sending end users error condition messages or (3) sending incorrect partial content to end users and these conditions are observable or reproducible by Subscriber or Fastly.

    "Fastly Control" means elements entirely under Fastly's control and not a consequence of (a) Subscriber hardware or software failures, (b) Subscriber or end user connectivity issues, (c) Subscriber operator errors, (d) a Utilization spike (see below), (e) corrupted Subscriber content, (f) acts of god (any) or war, or earthquakes, or terrorist actions.


    Any Subscriber that has a contract with a term and a minimum commitment shall have thirty (30) days to terminate their subscription agreement following (1) a period of Degraded Performance longer than 7.2 hours in any one month, or (b) three contiguous months that have periods of Degraded performance longer than 43.8 minutes each.

    Availability invoice credits

    Subscribers who purchase Platinum Support shall be entitled to Invoice Credits according to the following table.

    Availability Percent Period of Degraded Performance Monthly Credit Percent
    Below 100% - 99.99% Up to 4.32 minutes 1%
    99.99% ­– 99.9% Up to 43.8 minutes 5%
    99.89% – 99.0% Up to 7.2 hours 10%
    98.99% - 98.0% Up to 14.4 hours 25%
    Below 97.99% Greater than 864 minutes 50%

    Invoice Credits for unavailability will accrue on a monthly basis. The Credit Amount for a month is equal to the monthly usage charge multiplied by Monthly Credit Percent.

    Credit terms

    Utilization Spikes

    Subscriber's bandwidth utilization, measured in megabits per second, will be sampled every five (5) minutes on a region-by-region basis each month (the "Samples"). Subscriber's "Average Utilization" for a region in a month will be the average of the Samples. Subscriber's "Peak Utilization" for a region in a month will be calculated by the 95th percentile method, according to which the Samples will then be ordered from highest to lowest, and the highest five percent (5%) of Samples will be discarded and the remaining highest Sample will be Subscriber's Peak Utilization for the region in that month. Subscriber's "Permitted Utilization" in a month for a region will be five (5) times Subscriber's Average Utilization in that month for that region. A "Utilization Spike" will occur if Subscriber's Peak Utilization exceeds its Permitted Utilization in a region. Utilization Spikes may interfere with or disrupt the integrity or performance of the Services. Subscribers should contact Support in advance of any planned utilization spike and respond immediately to any communications from Fastly regarding an actual or suspected Utilization Spike.

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