Professional Services

Fastly allows customers to purchase assistance from Solutions Engineering staff to help you onboard and optimize your use of Fastly's services. Our team will help you through planning, implementing, testing, and launching your project. Choose between one of our Onboarding Packages and Professional Service Hours, depending on your needs.


To purchase a Professional Services offering, you must have a paid account with a contract for Fastly's services.

Onboarding Packages

First time Fastly Network Services customers must purchase one of our Onboarding Packages to help you onboard to Fastly in a way suited to your needs. When you purchase an Onboarding Package, you’ll get access to a member of our Solutions Engineering staff to help you with tasks related to onboarding your Delivery or Compute services, such as service implementation and initial setup and configuration, along with regular check-ins during your initial use of Fastly. Contact your account manager or email for more information.

Professional Service Hours

If you’re unsure of your project needs, our Professional Service Hours offering allows you to purchase a number of hours with our Solutions Engineering team to use over a set period of time.

Professional Service Hours can be used for things like:

  • Feature and product configuration and integration
  • Performance and caching optimization
  • Compute code development and code review
  • Consultation with guidance and advice for best practices

When you’re ready to get started on a project that requires Professional Services assistance, reach out to your account team or submit a request for consultation directly in the Fastly web interface via the user quick links menu. Fastly Solutions Engineering staff will set up an initial meeting to understand your requirements and success criteria. They'll help you determine the type of assistance you'll need and, when the project doesn't have a predefined scope, help you estimate the number of Professional Service hours the project might need. The number of hours and the term start and end date will appear on your service order.

For purchases of more than 200 hours in a year, hours are evenly allocated throughout the contract term on a quarterly interval. If the hours allocated for the quarter are not used, they will expire at the calendar quarter end.

How it works

Depending on the Onboarding Package or Professional Service Hours you have purchased, our Solutions Engineering staff will personally guide you through one or more of the following stages:

  • Planning. They'll help you with things like requirements gathering, solution design, documentation, and resource allocation.
  • Training. They’ll demo the Fastly web interface, walk through the request and response flow through Fastly, and share best practices, caveats, and support methods.
  • Implementation. They'll help you with things like configuration of Fastly services and custom VCL or Compute@Edge development.
  • Testing. They'll help you validate configurations and set up testing.
  • Go-live. They'll supervise your traffic moving to Fastly, post go-live monitoring, and help address issues during final production testing and deployment.

It typically takes about 10 business days for Fastly's Solutions Engineering staff to scope your problem and initiate a solution. The implementation, testing, and go-live stages may involve some iterative cycles depending on the complexity of your configuration.

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