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Mailing List

access_time Updated Jan 11, 2022

Our mailing list integration allows you to receive email notifications for certain activity on Signal Sciences.

Adding a mailing list integration

  • For a Corp Integration, navigate to Corp Manage > Corp Audit Log > Manage corp integrations > Add corp integration and select the Mailing List integration.

  • For a Site Integration, navigate to Site Manage > Site Integrations > Add site integration and select the Mailing List integration.

  1. Enter the email address or alias you want notifications to be sent to.
  2. Select if you want email notifications for all activity or specific activity.
  3. Click Add.

Activity types


Activity type Description
releaseCreated New release notifications
featureAnnouncement New feature announcements
corpUpdated Account timeout setting updated
newSite A new site was created
deleteSite A site was deleted
enableSSO SSO was enabled for the corp
disableSSO SSO was disabled for the corp
corpUserInvited A user was invited
corpUserReinvited A user was reinvited
listCreated A list was created
listUpdated A list was updated
listDeleted A list was removed
customTagCreated A custom signal created
customTagDeleted A custom signal updated
customTagUpdated A custom signal removed
userAddedToCorp A user was added to the corp
userMultiFactorAuthEnabled A user enabled 2FA
userMultiFactorAuthDisabled A user disabled 2FA
userMultiFactorAuthUpdated A user updated 2FA secret
userRegistered A user was registered
userRemovedCorp A user was removed from the corp
userUpdated A user was updated
userUndeliverable A user’s email address bounced
userUpdatePassword A user updated their password
accessTokenCreated An API Access Token was created
accessTokenDeleted An API Access Token was deleted


Activity type Description
siteDisplayNameChanged The display name of a site was changed
siteNameChanged The short name of a site was changed
loggingModeChanged The agent mode (“Blocking”, “Not Blocking”, “Off”) was changed
agentAnonModeChanged The agent IP anonymization mode was changed
flag An IP was flagged
expireFlag An IP flag was manually expired
createCustomRedaction A custom redaction was created
removeCustomRedaction A custom redaction was removed
updateCustomRedaction A custom redaction was updated
customTagCreated A custom signal was created
customTagUpdated A custom signal was updated
customTagDeleted A custom signal was removed
customAlertCreated A custom alert was created
customAlertUpdated A custom alert was updated
customAlertDeleted A custom alert was removed
detectionCreated A templated rule was created
detectionUpdated A templated rule was updated
detectionDeleted A templated rule was removed
listCreated A list was created
listUpdated A list was updated
listDeleted A list was removed
ruleCreated A request rule was created
ruleUpdated A request rule was updated
ruleDeleted A request rule was deleted
customDashboardCreated A custom dashboard was created
customDashboardUpdated A custom dashboard was updated
customDashboardReset A custom dashboard was reset
customDashboardDeleted A custom dashboard was removed
customDashboardWidgetCreated A custom dashboard card was created
customDashboardWidgetUpdated A custom dashboard card was updated
customDashboardWidgetDeleted A custom dashboard card was removed
agentAlert An agent alert was triggered
weeklyDigest Weekly digest sent