HUMAN BotGuard for Applications

Fastly has partnered with HUMAN Security Inc. to provide an integrated bot management solution for Fastly customers with HUMAN's BotGuard for Applications. This integration allows you to configure a Compute@Edge service using HUMAN's customized Wasm package to apply detection tags that measure traffic signals, thereby helping identify, categorize, and filter bot-based activity at the edge.

How to get started

To purchase HUMAN BotGuard for Applications, contact your Fastly account manager or email to begin the integration process. Integration with HUMAN's BotGuard for Applications requires an account with HUMAN and support for this service is provided by HUMAN. Your Fastly account manager or sales representative will connect you with a representative from HUMAN to configure your service and customize your application code.

This article describes an integration with a service provided by a third party. See our note on integrations for details.
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