Transferring services to other accounts

If several employees at your company independently create testing accounts when learning about Fastly products and services, you can have the services that were created on the testing accounts transferred to another account by contacting support with the following information:

  • the Customer IDs of the accounts
  • the names of the services to be transferred
  • which account should be considered the primary account

After you contact us, we'll reach out to verify the ownership of each account. If we can confirm ownership, we'll initiate the transfer.


Account API tokens can't be transferred and don't work across multiple accounts. If you use account API tokens for purging or service automation on the service that you are transferring, an engineer or superuser will need to recreate those API tokens in the account that is receiving the service.


Fastly's multi account user access feature allows a single user to manage multiple customer accounts. If you've been invited to more than one customer account, you can quickly switch between accounts without logging out of the Fastly web interface.

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