About the Secure page

The Secure page gives you access to the different security products Fastly has to offer. Note that you must contact sales@fastly.com to have access to this page and these offerings.

From the Secure page, you can access the:

  • Rate Limiting tab, where you can implement a rate limiting policy to control the rate of requests sent to your origin servers.
  • Web Application Firewall tab, which lists the services where a version of web application firewall (WAF) is enabled. You can use a WAF to protect your applications from malicious attacks designed to compromise web servers. For more information about our WAF offerings, see our guides on Signal Sciences Next-Gen WAF and Signal Sciences Cloud WAF.
  • DDoS mitigation tab, where you can contact us for help with a current threat or to protect a specific event. Fastly’s high-bandwidth globally distributed network was built with “always-on” DDoS mitigation designed to absorb DDoS attacks. If you currently have a sustained DDoS threat risk or a short term or seasonal event to protect, however, you can also purchase a DDoS Protection and Mitigation Service that provides additional Fastly resources to assist you with mitigating the service and financial impacts of DDoS and related attacks.

Security products note

No security product, such as a WAF or DDoS mitigation product, including those security services offered by Fastly, will detect or prevent all possible attacks or threats. As a subscriber, you should maintain appropriate security controls on all web applications and origins. The use of Fastly's security products do not relieve you of this obligation. As a subscriber, you should test and validate the effectiveness of Fastly's security services to the extent possible prior to deploying these services in production, continuously monitor their performance, and adjust these services as appropriate to address changes in your web applications, origin services, and configurations of the other aspects of your Fastly services.

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