Paying your bill

At the end of each month, your account's billing contact will be sent an email summarizing your current usage levels and the charges your account incurred for the month. The email contains a link to an online copy of the related invoice.

You'll need both a valid credit card and current billing address when you switch to a paid, month-to-month account. Once your invoice gets generated, your credit card is automatically charged for the full, outstanding balance.

Changing your credit card information or billing address

To change your billing address or the information for the credit card we use for automatic billing, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the Fastly web interface.
  2. Go to Account > Billing > Billing information.

  3. In the Billing details area, click Edit.

  4. Make any necessary changes to the payment information in the fields provided.


    Fastly never sees your credit card number. All transactions handled by our payment gateway are fully PCI compliant. The gateway privacy policy can be found at

  5. Click Save payment information.

  6. Make any necessary changes to the billing address in the fields provided.

  7. Click Save billing address.

Changing who receives your bill

By default, your account owner is considered your billing contact and will receive your bill for Fastly services. To change who receives your bill or to add multiple email addresses for several billing contacts, contact with the addresses you’d like to send invoices to.


Invoices are only sent to the email addresses of the account owner or the billing contact. Invoices are not sent to every user assigned a billing role.

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