About the charges on your bill

We bill you as specified in your applicable ordering document. Unless otherwise specified, we will bill you monthly according to that month's use of Fastly's services.


Billing limits for this product may be different if you've purchased a package offering or are using a product or feature trial.

About the monthly minimum charges

We bill a minimum of $50 per month so we can fully support all of our customers. This is the minimum price you'll pay in any month once you've completed your testing trials.

For example, say that you're done testing Fastly's services and you've begun to push production-level traffic through Fastly. If most of your site's traffic for the current month is in North America and Europe and your site uses 10GB of traffic over 10 million requests, the combined bandwidth and request charges would be $8.70 for the month. Because this amount falls below the $50 monthly minimum (you'll see this appear as a "commit shortfall" on your bill), we would charge you $50 for that month, not $8.70.

Bandwidth and request prices for some billing regions are slightly higher. If most of your site's traffic were in these other regions instead, then at the above traffic levels your bandwidth and request usage charges would still fall below the monthly minimum and we would charge you $50 for that month.


If you're using Fastly for content delivery via Heroku's cloud development services, read Heroku's add-ons pricing plan for additional details.

When we charge you for Fastly services

Fastly typically bills in arrears, not in advance, meaning that we bill you for services after you've used them, not before. For example, if you sign up for and start using Fastly services in January, the bill you receive in February reflects January's charges and services, your March bill reflects February's charges and services, and so forth.

How account cancellation affects your bill

If you ever cancel your account, you'll be billed for any outstanding charges accrued through the day you canceled, or at least the monthly minimum, whichever amount is greater.

Estimating your month-to-date bill

You can estimate your month-to-date (MTD) bill via the web interface or via the API.

Via the web interface

To view an estimated report of account usage for the current partial month, use any standard web browser to log in to your Fastly account and navigate to:



A small number of billing plans cannot be calculated month-to-date and only include an end-of-month generated invoice. If you have one of these billing plans, the web interface will clearly tell you that you can’t see the report due to your account’s status.

Via the API

As part of our API, a billing endpoint exists to generate a report of your usage for the current partial month (known as month-to-date, or MTD). Full details of this endpoint's output format can be found in our Billing API documentation. Generating a report via API usually takes only a few seconds, but can potentially take up to 60 seconds. During this time, the API call will return an HTTP 202 Accepted response.

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7 "type" : "mtd-invoice-pending"
8 }
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