About the Plan usage page

The Plan usage page allows you to view your account usage metrics broken down by product and region over key, monthly timeframes, up to the last 24 months. These metrics provide insights into the monthly usage of things your account's billing is based on (for example, Image Optimizer requests or Concierge TLS). Use the information here to help you estimate your bill and plan for the future. To access the Plan usage page, go to Account > Billing > Plan usage.

Before you begin

Be sure you know how to access the web interface controls before learning about the information you'll encounter here.

About the Plan usage page

When your user role allows you access to this page, you'll find:

  • a Summary area where you can view global, monthly usage-based metrics for your accounts.
  • a Usage area where you can view a graph of your monthly trends for each of the usage-based metrics related to your accounts. Select a different metric using the menu above the graph. Hover the cursor over a specific date in the graph to display the specific metrics for that day.
  • a Service usage area where you can view simple, monthly usage metrics on a per-service basis. Use the search box to search by service name or ID.
  • a Regional usage area where you can view usage metrics within each geographical region of the world for past months and the current month to date. Expand or collapse a region by clicking on its name or use the controls to the right of the area's title to expand or collapse and hide all regions at once.

About the plan usage metrics data

When reviewing the metrics displayed on the Plan usage page, keep the following things in mind:

  • Per-service usage metrics appear only for the account you're logged in to. To view per-service metrics for a child account, log in to that account.
  • Data doesn't appear in real time. Unlike the metrics displayed in the Observability page graphs, data for plan usage metrics does not appear in real-time. Usage-based metrics are updated daily. The date and time of the last update appears at the top of the page.
  • Plan usage data is exportable. You can create an exportable version of your plan usage data for each month by clicking the data export link at the top of the page.

What's next

Dig deeper into details about all areas of the web interface controls before you move on to using them to work with services.
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