Enterprise Security Support

Fastly offers Fastly Next-Gen WAF (powered by Signal Sciences) customers Enterprise Security Support (ESS) that provides your organization with enhanced support response times along with chat and phone support.

The following table summarizes what ESS provides, which is in addition to the support included with Next-Gen WAF Professional and Premier subscriptions:

Support offeringDetails
Initial response times for Urgent - Critical Impact (P0) issues15 minutes or less with updates every 2 hours (24/7/365)
Phone supportAvailable 24/7/365.
Chat channel supportAvailable during Fastly business hours.


  • "Urgent - Critical Impact (P0)" issues have confirmed errors in a production environment that make a solution, its features, or its functionality completely unavailable to users.
  • A "confirmed error" is any failure of the Next-Gen WAF to meet Fastly's specifications outlined in the relevant documentation, found in production uses, and that can reasonably be reproduced by Fastly.
  • "Business Hours" are 8AM-6PM during a Business Day in California or New York.
  • "Business Days" are Monday through Friday, excluding any day that is a US national holiday.
  • "Fastly Control" means elements entirely under Fastly's control and not a consequence of (a) your hardware or software failures, (b) you or your end user's connectivity issues, (c) your operator errors, (d) traffic amounts that exceed your Permitted Utilization as defined in the Terms and Conditions, (e) your corrupted content, (f) acts of god (any) or war, or earthquakes, or terrorist actions.


To purchase and use ESS, you must also purchase a Professional or Premier Platform subscription for Fastly Next-Gen WAF.

To ensure accurate response to requests, you must keep your account contact information up-to-date.

ESS enhanced support access

ESS includes the following additional ways to engage with Fastly’s technical support staff:

  • Phone number. You will receive a phone number to initiate contact with Fastly. Fastly personnel can also establish audio and video conferencing (free app or browser plug-in required) for real-time voice and video communications.
  • Chat channel. You will receive a dedicated chat channel for real-time communications to discuss general security product support and questions during business hours or as needed by Fastly personnel. Though subject to change, Fastly's current chat provider is Slack (www.slack.com).

ESS credit terms

In the event a P0 incident occurs, you have purchased ESS, the cause of the incident is within Fastly's control, and the communication or response timeframes are materially not met, a one-time credit of $500 per incident will be credited to your account.

Credit Terms:

  • Requests for Invoice Credits must be made within 30 days of the incident which triggered the service credit.
  • All requests for invoice credits must be made to billing@fastly.com.
  • To the extent you purchase ESS a la carte and not as part of a bundle, in no event shall Invoice Credits exceed the invoice value for ESS in the month in which they are accrued.
  • A pending credit does not release you from its obligation to pay Fastly's submitted invoices in full when due.
  • Invoice credits will be applied to the invoice generated two months following the month in which the credits were incurred.
  • If in any three-month period where three (3) or more support response time objectives are not met and the failure to meet the objectives materially adversely impacted you, you will have 30 days to terminate the ESS subscription, or the ESS portion of any bundled subscription, following the third response failure. You must notify Fastly of your intention to terminate the ESS subscription within 30 days of the triggering event.


This service only applies to the Fastly Next-Gen WAF product. No other products are included in this service.

No security product, such as a WAF or DDoS mitigation product, including those security services offered by Fastly, will detect or prevent all possible attacks or threats. As a subscriber, you should maintain appropriate security controls on all web applications and origins. The use of Fastly's security products do not relieve you of this obligation. As a subscriber, you should test and validate the effectiveness of Fastly's security services to the extent possible prior to deploying these services in production, continuously monitor their performance, and adjust these services as appropriate to address changes in your web applications, origin services, and configurations of the other aspects of your Fastly services.
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