Live Event Monitoring Service

      Last updated October 11, 2018

    With Fastly’s Live Event Monitoring Service, our Customer Support engineers will monitor your scheduled event's performance and help troubleshoot issues with your Fastly service. We will also alert you as we detect issues with internet congestion and with upstream or downstream providers. We do this in real time throughout your event using a dedicated chat channel. This allows you to receive alerts and notifications as well as ask questions without losing time spent contacting support and recounting what the issue is. Fastly’s Live Event Monitoring Service is performed from Fastly’s offices and does not include support on-site at your facilities.

    For additional information about this service, contact


    To use the Live Event Monitoring Service, you must purchase a paid account with a contract for Fastly's services.

    You must schedule the start and end times of your event. These times will appear on your service order.

    Event Monitoring service features

    For the duration of your scheduled event, the Live Event Monitoring service reserves Fastly support staff who will perform the following:


    Alerting and real-time communication:


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