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About Fastly's Customer Support

  Last updated May 30, 2017

Fastly offers standard technical support for all accounts through its support@fastly.com email address. However, support availability and response times vary depending on the type of account you have and the level of support you have purchased. Our support description and SLA information discusses these details further.

For all levels of technical support, Fastly's customer support ticketing system automatically generates and assigns each request a unique service ticket number, which is then sent within minutes to the customer at the email address used when submitting the ticket. This automated response also contains a direct link to the service ticket within Fastly's customer support system. Fastly then responds to these requests as appropriate for the level of support purchased by the customer.

Accounts with Gold or Platinum Support

To submit emergency support tickets, customers must pay for a Gold or Platinum Support plan that includes support for severe incidents. Customers with Gold or Platinum Support plans can submit requests for support any time:

Customers with Gold or Platinum Support accounts submit emergency tickets to an emergency support email address (instead of via the standard Customer Support email address). Customers with Platinum Support accounts can also submit tickets via a toll-free telephone number.

Accounts without Gold or Platinum Support

Customers who do not pay for Gold or Platinum Support levels can submit support requests via email to support@fastly.com or directly in the Fastly web interface, via the Help link in the user menu, any time they require assistance with self-provisioned tasks. Fastly then responds to these requests as appropriate for the level of support purchased by the customer.

The Help link

Tips on what to include in a support request

To help shorten the time it takes to resolve a submitted support request, here are some tips on key information to include in your request when you reach out to the Fastly support team:

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