Cache Reservation


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Cache Reservation provides a custom caching layer at Fastly's edge where you can reserve cache space specifically for your content at Fastly shielding locations. By prioritizing your content's cache storage, Cache Reservation allows that content to stay in cache longer and thus minimizes content eviction in these multi-tenant environments. Cache Reservation also helps optimize your origin's offload from any CDN, including Fastly, reducing your cloud egress costs.

To learn more about Cache Reservation, contact your account manager or email sales@fastly.comcom for additional details.


To purchase Cache Reservation you must have a paid account for full-site delivery or streaming delivery and you must enable shielding.

When you sign up for this product, you'll need to provide Fastly with:

  • the ID of the specific service you want to have associated with your cache reservation.
  • the shielding location for the specified service ID.
  • an estimate of the actively consumed content (in GB) in the shielding location for the specified service ID that will need reservation space. We can help you with this estimate.
  • the approximate content object sizes that will be included in this reservation.

Limitations and considerations

Keep in mind the following limitations and considerations:

  • Cache reservation is not compatible with Fastly's Compute platform.
  • Reservations are restricted to shield POPs only.
  • Each reservation covers a single shielding location.
  • Reservations apply to your cache as a whole, not to individual objects, and you cannot see what is in the cache at any given time.
  • Reservations minimize cache storage eviction via prioritization up to the specified reservation size, but do not ultimately prevent eviction.


Cache Reservation charges are billed based on reservation size (in GB) in specific shielding locations.

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