Origin Connect

      Last updated January 08, 2020

    Origin Connect provides you with a direct fiber connection between your origin servers and a Fastly shield POP thus reducing the number of organizations (and by association, the number of servers) handling your data.


    To be considered for Origin Connect, you need to:

    If you are approved for Origin Connect, we’ll issue you with a Letter of Authorization and Connecting Facility Assignment (LOA-CFA) that the data center provider will need when you order your cross-network connection (or cross connect). You will need to pay for the cross connect with your facility provider.

    For each cross connect, you, as subscriber, will need to provide Fastly with:

    Both you, as the subscriber, and Fastly will each need to:

    If the cross connect is not completed within 90 days, the authority granted by the LOA-CFA expires.

    In the event of Origin Connect service degradation, congestion, or a failure of one of these interconnects, public internet transit will be used for origin connectivity, and the subscriber will prefer the carrier of Fastly’s reasonable request. There is no Service Level Agreement (SLA) available for Origin Connect.

    If your origin server is located within a cloud storage provider or your traffic doesn’t meet our minimum threshold for Origin Connect, contact us at sales@fastly.com to discuss other options.

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