About the All services page

The All services page displays a summary of all your services, sorted by requests per second. It appears automatically when users with the appropriate access permissions log in to the Fastly web interface. You can access it by clicking Home next to the stopwatch icon.

The All services page allows you to:

  • access the real-time stats information for a particular service by clicking the Real-time Stats link under the service name
  • open the current configuration settings for a service by clicking the active version number in the Configuration column
  • view the number of requests received per second for a service in the Requests Per Second column
  • view small graphs of the total number of requests received for a service over a two hour period in the Last 2 Hours of Requests column

the all services page

You can also search for a specific service associated with a domain by typing the domain name in the Search by domain field. The domain name you enter must be an exact match to find the desired service.

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