About the Configure page

The Configure page allows you to define exactly how each instance of your cache should behave and deliver content from data sources. The Configure page appears automatically for logged in users with the appropriate access permissions.

You use the Configure page to create versions of each of your service's configuration settings and then use the controls to activate or deactivate them.

Specifically, you can configure and manage:

  • the domains used to route requests to a service
  • the hosts used as backends for a site and how they should be accessed
  • the health checks that monitor backend hosts
  • various request and cache settings, headers, and responses that control how Fastly caches and serves content for a service
  • how logging should be performed and where server logs should be sent
  • custom Varnish configuration language (VCL) files
  • how conditions are mapped and used for a service at various times (e.g., during request processing, when Fastly receives a backend response, or just before an object is potentially cached)

With the appropriate permissions, you can activate configuration changes immediately and roll back those changes just as quickly should they not have the intended effect. The Configure page also allows you to compare differences between two configuration versions.

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