Troubleshooting your login

If you're having trouble logging in to or viewing features or data, refer to this page.

I can't log in

If you're having trouble logging in to Fastly, check if any of the following are true:

  • There are outages or scheduled maintenance. Check the Fastly status page to make sure there are no outages or scheduled maintenance currently affecting the Fastly app.
  • Your email and password are incorrect. Make sure you're using the correct email for your account, especially if you have multiple accounts. If you've forgotten your password, learn how to reset it.
  • You're logging in at the wrong URL. If you have a Fastly account or both Fastly and Signal Sciences accounts, use to log in. If you only have a Signal Sciences account use to log in.
  • Your account may be locked. For security reasons, Fastly limits the number of times someone can try logging in to an account. Refer to Account lockouts for more information.

I don't see the features or data I'm looking for

Information that appears in the Fastly web interface depends on several things, including the access you've been granted. If you don't have access to what you're looking for or can't see something you're expecting to see, check if any of the following are true:

  • Your account ID has incorrect permissions assigned to it. The user role and permissions assigned to your account ID for your Fastly app access or your Next-Gen WAF access affect what you can do in the web interface. Check with a superuser on your account if your access appears to be incorrect.
  • Your login session has timed out. Once logged in to your account, your session can potentially remain active for up to 12 hours without requiring reauthentication. This depends on the session timeout settings for your Signal Sciences corp and whether or not SSO is enabled for either your Signal Sciences account or Fastly account. By design, session timeouts cannot exceed 12 hours. All users will be logged out automatically after 3 hours of inactivity.
  • You're signed in to a different account or control panel. If you have both Fastly and Signal Sciences accounts you may need to [switch application control panels](/en/guides/logging-in-and-using-fastly#switching-between-application-control panels) to see the correct information. Likewise, if you have multiple Fastly accounts, make sure you sign in using the account that has the data you're looking for.
  • You're accessing a different Fastly service. Every service tied to your Fastly account contains a unique ID that can help you determine if you're looking at the right information. Our guide on services provides more information that can help you switch services or search for the correct one.
  • You're looking at a different site in your Signal Sciences corp. Be sure you're looking at the right site within your corp. Our web interface controls can help you select different sites from the corp navigation bar.
  • The product or feature isn't enabled for your account. Some Fastly products and features (e.g., Image Optimizer) may be disabled by default but can be enabled directly in the web interface by anyone with the appropriate roles and permissions. If you can't access a product or feature you think you should have, check with a superuser on your account to make sure your permissions are properly set. If you still can't access a product or feature, contact support for assistance or contact to start a conversation about which features may be best for your account.

I still can't log in or use Fastly the way I expect

If you continue to have issues logging in or using Fastly, contact Fastly Support.

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