Linking Fastly accounts

You can link your Fastly and Signal Sciences accounts, allowing you to log in to either account using your Fastly credentials. Once logged in you can freely switch between the Signal Sciences and Fastly consoles.


Be sure you understand the limitations and considerations of linking before you connect your accounts.

Linking your Fastly and Signal Sciences accounts only affects authentication when logging into the Signal Sciences console. Other settings such as user roles and API access tokens are not affected.

Limitations and considerations

Before linking your accounts, keep in mind the following:

  • Account linking is not reversible. You can't unlink your Signal Sciences and Fastly accounts once they have been linked.
  • Linked accounts require you to use your Fastly account credentials to log in. After linking your accounts, you will only be able to log in to the Signal Sciences console using your Fastly account credentials.
  • SAML authentication is not supported. Linked accounts authenticate using your Fastly email address and password, rather than through your identity provider.
  • Accounts using the bypass SSO feature can't be linked. Signal Sciences accounts set to bypass SSO can not be linked to a Fastly account.
  • 2FA is supported. 2FA is supported for linked accounts but it must be enabled on both your Fastly and Signal Sciences accounts before you will be able to link them.
  1. Log in to the Signal Sciences console.
  2. From the Profile menu, select Account Settings. The account settings management page appears.
  3. Under the Link Fastly account header, click Link account. The link account page appears.
  4. Click Start Verification. The Fastly account login page appears.
  5. Enter your Fastly account login credentials.
  6. Click SIGN IN. The account link confirmation page appears.
  7. Click Link Fastly account. A confirmation appears stating the account has been successfully linked.
  8. Click Account settings to return to the account settings management page, or click View dashboard to return to the Corp Overview page.

How to switch between the Fastly and Signal Sciences apps

After linking your Fastly and Signal Sciences accounts, switch between apps by clicking the app switcher icon in the upper-left corner of the console or the Fastly app's web interface.

The app switcher menu.


You can also access the Signal Sciences console directly from the Overview and Next-Gen WAF tabs on the Secure page in the Fastly web interface.

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