Heroku release notes

0.2.2 2022-09-06

  • Improved compatibility of ruby dependency.

0.2.1 2020-11-09

  • Added server-flavor option to distinguish buildpack.

0.2.0 2020-06-15

  • Added SIGSCI_HEROKU_BIND_RACE_WORKAROUND=1 configuration to work around a race condition where the app might consume the listener port before the sigsci-agent can start listening
  • Fixed the healthcheck not starting and not logging to stderr (enabled with SIGSCI_HC=true)
  • Cleaned up the startup script and added more debugging output when setting SIGSCI_HEROKU_BUILDPACK_DEBUG=2

0.1.11 2020-05-19

  • Fixed upstream URL

0.1.10 2020-05-19

  • Added support to retry starting the agent on failure
  • Added additional debugging on startup when SIGSCI_HEROKU_BUILDPACK_DEBUG=1

0.1.9 2018-10-01

  • Added healthcheck logic to pass on status of reverse-proxied application
  • Standardized release notes

0.1.8 2017-11-14

  • Allowed directly specifying the agent download URL via SIGSCI_AGENT_URL

0.1.7 2017-10-17

  • Added ability to leverage wait-for command during dyno startup to ensure web process starts before the agent starts
  • Added handling of port assignment for unicorn app startup command

0.1.6 2017-10-16

  • Changed process start order to avoid 502s at dyno start up

0.1.5 2017-03-13

  • Updated envronment variable names used to set values in conf file

0.1.4 2017-03-13

  • Reset port assignment to ensure app can start if agent fails to start

0.1.3 2017-03-03

  • Added ability to specify agent version with the SIGSCI_AGENT_VERSION variable
  • Disabled access logging by default
  • Added ability to enable access logging by specifying a log file path with the SIGSCI_REVERSE_PROXY_ACCESSLOG variable

0.1.2 2017-03-02

  • Added support for Scala buildpack (proper port assignment)

0.1.1 2017-02-13

  • Fixed README url

0.1.0 2017-02-07

  • Refactored installation and setup process
  • Removed usage of the sigsci reverse proxy binary
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